Custom wood flooring remilled from old barn wood.

Since 1983, we have supplied custom wood flooring remilled from old barn wood.

Our expertise lies in custom-milling plank flooring, including herringbone and chevron patterns, for both residential and commercial spaces. We offer additional customization options such as hand scraping, stains, and prefinishing. Our flooring can be finished with WOCA Natural Oil Finish or a multi-coat, UV-catalyzed urethane.

With over forty years of experience, we actively collaborate with the entire project team, from owners to contractors. Our technical proficiency allows us to provide comprehensive guidance throughout the process, starting from the ground up.

Let us turn your vision into a reality! We are eager to work with you.

Our ERA™ is CARB II- and TSCA VI-compliant and can be supplied with A Class 1/A Fire-Rated Finish.

For the safety of all, our ERA™ (Engineered Reclaimed Antique) flooring meets the strictest VOC emissions standards. Our optional Fire-Rated Finish, allows our flooring to be used on projects with strict fire codes. The emission-compliance is built into the substrate while the fire-rated finish is formulated to let the natural character and beauty through.

To achieve unique aesthetics, we carefully select different sections of the barn and employ varying milling techniques. Our Antique Oak Remilled originates from the interior of barn timbers, and we utilize weathered siding and joists to create the charming Antique Distressed™ Oak. Our Bunkhouse Oak™, also sourced from barn sections, retains the original surface, while our skip-planed/hit-or-miss Ranch House™ Oak offers a distinctive middle-ground option.