Reclaimed wood flooring; old barn wood, precisely remilled!

Reclaiming Real.Old.Wood.™ is our specialty – and our passion!

Since 1983, we have been remilling old weathered barn wood into high quality SOLID and ENGINEERED reclaimed wood flooring. Our nearly forty years of experience with construction projects helps us work well with the entire team from the client/owner to the architect/designer to the contractors on the project.  Our technical expertise allows us to advise specifiers on using our products into their designs from the ground up, including spec writing and potential LEED contributions.

International retailers such as Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Walt Disney Co. and Tommy Hilfiger, already decades long Aged Woods’ clients, carry their brand images around the world by including us in their store construction projects confident in knowing that we will meet their schedules and supply exactly the same reclaimed wood flooring that we have for their other stores.

We offer our reclaimed wood flooring with custom staining and prefinishing with Woca Natural Oil Finishes as well as a multi-coat, UV-catalyzed urethane. Prefinishing saves time, noise, dirt and odors at the construction site.

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Our ERA™ – ENGINEERED Reclaimed Antique wood flooring is CARB II- and TSCA VI-compliant and can be supplied with A Class 1/A Fire-Rated Finish.

In keeping with the environmentally-friendly theme of reclaimed wood, our Engineered Reclaimed Antique wood flooring meets the strictest VOC emissions standards. With our optional Fire-Rated Finish, our flooring can be used on projects with strict fire codes.

Looking for something more custom than random length plank flooring?  We offer patterned flooring as well as hand customizations. Chevron  and herringbone. Scraping and beveling. We have developed proprietary reclaimed wood flooring products for many designers and retailers.

We can vary the look of our reclaimed oak flooring by reclaiming the material from different parts of the barn and then varying the milling. Cut from the inside of timbers is Antique Oak Remilled. Made from weathered siding and joists is Antique Distressed Oak. Our Bunkhouse Oak™ is also made from those parts of barns but retains all of the original surface, while our skip-planed/hit-or-miss Ranch House™ Oak fits between between the latter two.