Improving Your Home With Reclaimed Wood: High-Value Projects to Consider

All hardwood is desirable, but reclaimed wood has a rustic appeal that homeowners and home buyers love. Homeowners seeking creative ways to use reclaimed wood in their
home have many options. This article will discuss high-value projects that can improve the appearance and appeal of the home. Homeowners seeking to stage their house or redecorate property can use reclaimed wood throughout the process.

Wall Paneling

Paneling adds texture to blank white walls, and gives country charm to a room . Wood paneling made from reclaimed materials can be nailed or screwed straight into the studs or can be anchored to drywall. Many people who install reclaimed wood as wall paneling install the boards in a vertical position. However, positioning reclaimed wood in horizontal strips like lapboard, or in a diagonal positioning can give the wall paneling an additional level of interest.

Stair Treads

Old staircases take on an impressive flair with reclaimed wood stair treads . Reclaimed wood stair treads are a nice touch in homes made from other natural, weathered materials. This is a good project for a homeowner who has recently come upon a small amount of reclaimed wood, but not enough to panel the walls of an entire room. When choosing reclaimed wood for stair treats, look for wood that is even enough to be safe to walk upon. Some reclaimed wood can be warped and uneven, which could lead to accidents when going up or down stairs.

Decorative Framing

For a homeowner who has just a few boards of reclaimed wood, decorative framing is a nice touch; and while it’s not as much as is used in sustainable construction, it can add serious utility. Reclaimed wood can be used to frame a built-in bookcase, a range hood or a set of cabinets. When choosing reclaimed wood for decorative framing, homeowners must look for wood that is straight and even enough that the frame will not appear to be lopsided.

Ceiling Paneling

Hardwood ceiling paneling draws the eyes upward, giving rooms a sense of height and beauty. Because ceiling paneling is never walked upon and very rarely washed, this wood can go untreated and unstained, if the homeowner desires. Rustic ceiling paneling also opens the rest of the room up for other rustic touches, like brick flooring or brick wall tile. This is the perfect look for a country kitchen or bedroom.

Rustic Mantel

The pock marks and scratches found in reclaimed wood makes it perfect for making a rustic mantel to go around a fireplace. Wooden mantels should be treated with fire-retardant chemical formulated for wood. This helps ensure that the wood is safe.

Sliding Door

A heavy sliding door from a factory or barn takes on a new life in residential settings . Sliding doors are an excellent option in narrow hallways. Best of all, reclaimed wood sliding doors don’t have to be matched to the size of the doorway, as long as they’re larger than the opening. Homeowners thinking about installing a sliding door in their home can use heavy-duty hardware to act as an accent piece to the door. Interesting hardware helps draw attention to the door while also setting a tone of rustic beauty in the home.

Hardwood Floors

Reclaimed Oak Flooring Skip-Planed Chevron in Williamsburg Hotel Guest Suite Bedroom

When choosing reclaimed wood for wall paneling, homeowners often look for matching pieces. Mismatched wood, however, can be just as attractive and more interesting when paired with the right types of floor boards. When using reclaimed wood for flooring, it’s important for homeowners to remember to either purchase reclaimed wood that has been properly prepped for this purpose, or to sand and prep the hardwood flooring themselves.

Reclaimed wood has all the character of standard hardwood, and then some. Homeowners hoping to use reclaimed wood in their home should work with a reputable dealer to ensure that the wood they purchase is of good quality.

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