Can hardwood flooring increase your home’s value?

Can hardwood flooring increase your home’s value?

Before and after photo of carpeted stairs and landing redone with reclaimed oak flooring and treads.

There are many ways that you can increase the value of your home. Some are cheaper options like a fresh coat of paint or making the bathroom more user-friendly for the elderly. Some options are much more expensive like replacing the roof, the siding and remodeling the kitchen. If any of this is being done, have you considered replacing the floor?

Carpet was once in fashion and covered up beautiful hardwood floors. Many of today’s homeowners are just discovering the hardwood floors underneath and many younger home buyers are looking for it. If a floor needs to be replaced there are many options like going to a big box store and buying pre-engineered wood or laminate flooring and this is done by many people owing to the price tag that goes with it as well as the convenience. For those who want something different with more style and character there is reclaimed wood. This wood is more durable and can add a rustic theme to a home.

If you choose to go with a hardwood floor you are making the right choice. The cost is higher, that is true but it has many benefits. It is easy to clean and maintain. Real hardwood, unlike laminate can be sanded and refinished many times giving it a longer lifespan. Homes with hardwood floors are also easier to sell. In a survey done by the National Wood Floor Association 90% of real estate agents say that homes with hardwood floors are not only more sought after by today’s buyers therefore making them easier to sell, but also for more money and with less time on the market.

Laminate floor will look nice when it is first installed but will age quickly. Go with the real stuff, and if you choose to do so get the best, go with a reclaimed wood floor. It is possible to increase the value of your home by 3-5% on average and it is possible to even reach 10%, which may not seem like much but do the math, it can be a significant bump in the value of your home and result in more money in your pocket should you choose to sell it or even just rent the home. At the very least, hardwood flooring is what buyers are looking for so don’t get left behind!

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