Rugs and your floor

Your reclaimed wood floor from Aged Woods® looks great. As much as you would like to just simply leave it open so everyone can see it, for most homeowners that is not a practical option. With any piece of furniture it is a good idea to put something underneath it in order to prevent scratching the floor and ruining the finish. One of the most popular options are area rugs. Here are some ideas to help you out thanks to (You can also check Aged Woods out there as well)!

For darker reclaimed wood floors it is best to choose furniture and rugs that is a few shades lighter than the floor. If you do want a darker rug paint your walls and ceiling a lighter color for contrast. Chances are the areas around your furniture is going to be a higher traffic area and rugs do several things for you. First, the rugs protect the floor in those higher traffic areas. It is much easier to replace an area rug than it is to replace your floor so let the rug absorb the traffic. Second, it is much easier on your body and more pleasant for you to walk on carpeting than on hardwood floor. Shaggy Moroccan rugs go with nearly every floor but there are many other types that will work.

If you do choose to match your furniture to your floor go with a lighter wall for contrast. A lighter color keeps the room from feeling heavy by providing a lighter contrast. Another option, particularly for a dining room is to use lighter wood chairs with a darker wood table. Along with the white walls, lighter colored wood chairs stand out. Another way to provide contrast is to use green plants.

If an area rug is not in your plans that is fine, they may not be for everyone. Another option to consider to help protect your floor are furniture feet , tips or pads. They are designed to help reduce scuffing on your floor and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so they can easily blend in. Just remember, when you sit down on a chair or a sofa and it is not on top of a rug it will move. It may not be much at first but over time the floor will scuff.

You want your reclaimed wood floor to keep looking like it does for years to come. Whether you want to keep the chicness, elegance, or sophistication then consider a rug or furniture tips to protect it. Rugs come in many shapes and sizes so there is a rug out there that will work for you.

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