The antique reclaimed wood that Aged Woods get has been around for centuries and in some cases in forests that have existed for over a milenia. As the saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and antique wood is a treasure. Aged Woods have taken something that has fallen into disuse or is going to be simply thrown out and we have reused it. It is better for all parties involved. The landowner gets rid of the barn and can now do with the land what they want to, we get high quality wood that we can fabricate into our end product, and you the consumer get a beautiful, unique end product. Each reclaimed hardwood floor crafted by Aged Wood is unique, there is not another like it in the world. It’s and win win!

This is as friendly to the environment as one can get. We are reusing wood that has already served a purpose for in some cases decades and even up to a century. The wood is 100% reclaimed and the process is LEED certified, meaning you can get credits for it. Because all of our wood is reclaimed we do not go into the forest and chop down any trees and that helps to preserve those forests for future generations.

There is also a character that goes with wood, especially old wood, which you just don’t get with a prefinished floor from a big box store. Some of this wood was here when the Pilgrims landed and maybe even when Columbus gazed out on the New World. Just like a fine wine wood is better the older it is. Carpeting serves its purpose but think of how your home or business would look with a beautiful wood floor! It will lend sophistication and class and will most certainly be a head turner. If you are a business owner set yourself apart from your competition. Consider reclaimed wood to make your home or business look amazing and give it the character that it deserves.