Improving Your Home With Reclaimed Wood

Improving Your Home With Reclaimed Wood: High-Value Projects to Consider All hardwood is desirable, but reclaimed wood has a rustic appeal that homeowners and home buyers love. Homeowners seeking creative ways to use reclaimed wood in their home have many options. This article will discuss high-value projects that can improve the appearance and appeal [...]

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Could Portland build an all-wooden baseball stadium?

File this under the “Really?” tab but it is real. In an attempt to lure Major League Baseball to Portland, Oregon one enterprising entrepreneur has proposed building an all wooden stadium. Now this is, at the moment, just a dream. Major League Baseball is not considering expansion or the relocation of any franchise at the [...]

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Barns of the Civil War: William Roulette

The Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862 was the bloodiest day in American military history. Over 22,000 Americans were killed, wounded or captured on this day near the small farming community of Sharpsburg, Maryland. The fighting had started to the north of the farm owned by William and Margaret Roulette but made its way [...]

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Why is the woodgrain important?

If you look carefully at your antique reclaimed hardwood floor from Aged Woods you will notice several things but the most prominent is probably the woodgrain. The grain of the wood is probably the most important part of the wood as it determines the strength and texture of the wood. Not all woodgrain with wood [...]

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World Oldest Trees: The Trees of Antarctica

When one thinks of our planet’s southernmost continent you probably don’t think of trees. You probably think of ice and snow and cold. Antarctica though was at one point habitable and everything from trees and flora to dinosaurs called it home. While no one will be getting any reclaimed wood from there it is interesting [...]

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Old barns in Indiana being turned into basketball courts

What to do with that old barn on the property is a question that many landowners ask themselves. Many choose to have it torn down and sell the reclaimed wood to companies like Aged Woods. This allows the antique wood to be reused to make floorboards that are second to none. There are some landowners [...]

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Is it worth it to tear down an old barn?

There comes a time when a barn has to be torn down. It is not something that most farmers or landowners look forward to but it has to be done. This is not a decision that is entered into lightly as barns are a symbol of our agricultural heritage and are Americana at its finest. [...]

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Wooden Skyscrapers could become reality

There was a time when many of our buildings were made of wood. Stone was an expensive building material to use but as more and more people became packed into smaller spaces it became inevitable that cities had to grow upwards. Iron and steel made that easier as stone-based materials like concrete were not expected [...]

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