Aged Woods - Oak Flooring

Mostly found in older forests, the average oak will grow up to 100 feet tall and three feet in diameter and will live to be 350 to 400 years old. In the fall, the leaves turn a variety of colors including red, gold, yellow, or purple. Through history, it has maintained a romantic association with constancy; a symbol of strength and protection. Best known of all the American hardwoods, it was the prime building material in the earliest Colonial days and was once the standard building timber in the eastern United States. White Oak’s more numerous pores are filled making this wood the choice for water-tight containers. Fine whiskies, wines and other premium distillates are enhanced by aging in White Oak barrels. Oak was, and is, a fine choice for furniture, domestic flooring and interior millwork.

Solid: 100% Recycled/LEED MRc3
Engineered: MRc4