Vents, registers and grills made from Aged Woods® reclaimed wood are a very nice way to complement an Aged Woods® floor. Well known register manufacturer, Grill Works, Inc, custom-makes our vents to our specifications and from the materials we supply. Nearly any size is available, from 2-1/4″ x 10″ to huge wall-mounted eggcrate return registers and ceiling diffusors. Dampers, as on the vent pictured above, are available as an option.

Vents, Grills & Floor Registers

Vents, Registers and Grills Specifications

These items match our Antique or Antique Distressed® flooring and are sold only in conjunction with a flooring order. Antique Distressed® items are graded for stability while matching as close as possible the corresponding flooring.

  • FSC Recycled 100% / Contributes to LEED® MRc3: Material Reuse
    All wood is kiln-dried to 8%, +/-2% before being glued up and/or milled. Only the soundest material is used for Aged Woods® vents, registers and grills.
  • Unfinished – needs finishing with the finish of your choice after installation
  • Standard sizes are available as well as custom sizes.

Where To Use These Products

  • Residences
  • Commercial applications

Suggested Price

Please contact us with your sizes and we will quote you. Price is dependent upon size and Aged Woods® product used.

Vents are sold only in conjunction with flooring.

Moldings and such

Also, in conjunction with a flooring order, we offer our Aged Woods® in most common MOULDING profiles and in DIMENSIONAL form for millwork and cabinetry.

Please call for quotes and availability.

To fill holes and cracks in our flooring we offer special Pigmented Filler Kits for $50.00