A few weeks ago we mentioned the Star Barn, a historic barn being moved from Dauphin County to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. It is just a matter of time before the barn will be raised again, this time at the Ironstone Ranch outside of Elizabethtown. Starting on July 2 and running through July 4 the Star Barn will be raised and the best part is that you can take part in its raising! Ironstone Ranch is selling tickets to interested people who want to help raise the barn or just come to watch it go up. The costs go to covering OSHA training and compliance for those who would like to help do the work and to help offset the costs of reconstructing the outbuildings coming along with the barn.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is interested in history or just wants to give back to their community. The Star Barn will be raised using traditional methods, that is using ropes and pulleys to raise the frame. Let’s face it, this is not something that is seen outside of Amish communities and they don’t let the public watch much less help. If you go you don’t have to help, you can just sit back and watch. If anyone is interested check out this site but do it quickly. Tickets are limited.

Many of the barns that Aged Woods takes its reclaimed wood from were raised in this manner. In this instance the barn was just too important to the local populace so it was spared from being torn down permanently and the funds were raised to move it to where it will be able to live on. The Star Barn has been rehabbed and restored and will continue to live on and educate youngsters for generations to come.